December 1, 2016

Thursday, wow, I lost 3 days.  At least I feel like I lost them.  
Sunday night Jesse came over to watch The Walking Dead with us but before it came on - I apologized and said I was going to take a nap.  About 5 minutes after I lay down I jumped up to “lose my dinner”.  I stayed in bed the rest of the night only to jump up to “lose my dinner” about every ½ hour until 4:30 in the morning.  I have never felt so sick.  I was finally able to get up and try to take a shower, which I “lost my dinner” in yet again, around 1:00pm Monday afternoon. I didn’t even finish rinsing off.  I just got out of the shower and went back to bed. I do not know where all of that was coming from.  There definitely should not have been anything left in me.  I couldn’t keep medication down or anything - so I was in a boat-load of pain.  Thankfully, that was the last of the “loosing” at least from that end.   Chuck called the Oncologist and they wanted me to go to the emergency room but I refused.  Have you ever been so sick you just could not go anywhere?  Thank you, no.  I knew I had an appointment Tuesday and decided I would wait until then.
I pretty much stayed in bed until I had to get ready for my doctor appointment on Tuesday.  I told the nurse practitioner that I wanted to go off all the new medications until my white count came back up to normal and I felt better.  She said, “quality of life” and that we’d try it for 2 weeks and see what happens.   
I wanted to go off the new meds because I thought it was totally responsible for all the “dinner losing”.  Unfortunately, last night we found out it was something contagious because Chuck covered the bathroom (and I mean covered it) with his “dinner”.  He’s not good at aiming with that stuff.   He was just able to finally get up about an hour ago.  This has been a rough few days.
I did have a couple of nice things happen during all this that made me feel like God was saying, “It’s going to be ok.”  Jesse came yesterday and cleaned the kitchen and organized all my storage ware for me before we found out Chuck was sick. Once we realized he was sick I told her to go home before she caught it.  The other nice things that happened were my friend Karen brought me a huge cactus plant that reminds me of out west - that’s awesome.  And, my friend Debbie brought me a beautiful prayer shawl, hand made,  in some of my favorite colors, and a gift card.  It is such a huge blessing when friends surprise me and make me feel very loved!  So some awesome things still happened during some of the not so fun days! Even though I’m still not feeling all that great it did make my day!  Even though I've been so sick I feel very blessed this day and I truly appreciate everyone who is  kind to me and makes me feel loved.  I hope God blesses all of you!  Thank you so very much!

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