smelling crayons

I got a letter from my health insurance company saying they aren’t going to pay for something my doctor wanted done.  I don’t really understand what it is except that I think it’s already been done.  Its some sort of scan that he wanted done 3-D instead of 2-D – from what I understand.  I could be wrong.  I’m going to have to fight it because I can’t afford to pay for it.  My insurance company also declined to cover something that I’ve been on for a while that helps with my neuropathy.  It’s a compounded cream that I put on my neck and arm and it really helps with the numbness, loss of feeling, and not being able to carry or hold things with my right hand.  I also draw and paint with that hand and it has helped me to be able to continue to do so.  I don’t know why they refuse to cover it but I think I’m going to have to fight that too.  The replacement they sent helps with pain but not neuropathy.  I was originally put on this topical lotion (cream, whatever) specifically for the neuropathy.  If the insurance company is going to just stop paying for things I need done what good will it be to have it and pay for it? So frustrating.

On a more positive note, do you remember when you were a kid and got new school supplies? 

Chuck and I were at Walmart the other day and I stopped at the crayon and colored pencil row.  I just got an urge to smell the crayons and reminisce.  So I bought a box of metallic crayons and a box of colored pencils.  Then I brought them home and played with them.  First I did an eye.  Eyes are my favorite thing to draw.

Then I drew Corey and Minion, crayons.

Then I drew a girl, crayons.  When I don't look at someone
when I'm drawing or painting it's less realistic or more
cartoon-y to me.

When I was somewhere between 9 to 11 years old, my grandmother was in the hospital. 
We had to do a lot of waiting at the hospital.  My mom gave me some paper, a pencil and pen, and I found a sale booklet of wigs.  The pictures were of ladies faces with the different wig styles or hair styles.  That was when I taught myself to draw faces and hair.  I went through the booklet and drew everyone of them.  It was actually a very good way to learn because the more you draw or paint the better you get.  I do wish I’d kept some of the pictures just to compare.  This is what it sort of looked like.  It must have had at least 25 or more pictures and I drew them all.

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Debra Burton said...

That's a bummer about the insurance. It takes a lot of perseverance to deal with that battle. Praying you win! Love the crayon drawings! I can almost smell them! Stay positive.