Santa Fe

  I'm posting my trip photos backwards.  We went
to Santa Fe the last day we were there.  I've always 
wanted to go there.  I'm so glad my Donna asked.
We went to 3 very old churches.  They were so beautiful!
I love the architecture in Sante Fe, the adobe style buildings,
the colors, the wood carving, so beautiful!

 Our last stop in Sante Fe.  Donna and I wanted to try
chocolate with spice, or peppers in it.  They were 
giving away hot chocolate samples.  The first was very
mild.  Donna asked for the least spicy next and I asked 
for the spicy one on the top of the list.  My mouth burned and
I couldn't taste much for a while after but I'm glad I tried it.
I'm glad we got to go and I really enjoyed our day in
Santa Fe!  I will post more photos later!

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