Beach Day and Shot day

New neighbor, one of my favorite birds.

This was crazy - catching this photo with 
the birds behind this woman.  It looks very added
in or something but it was just a lucky shot.

 I wanted to get his yellow feet

 I told Chuck to make them fly but I didn't catch the 
wings fully open like I planned.  I like how his feathers
look - if you click on it you can see it better.

The sun kept hiding behind the clouds.

I liked the reflection it made in the sand

We had a patriotic neighbor with a flag
on a fishing pole.

Chuck told me I should start taking more
people pictures at the beach.  This is one 
I caught I call "dancing strangers".  

Yesterday was my monthly shot day.  I also have blood drawn at the same visit.  It’s how they check my calcium levels.  I take lots of calcium daily.  If I don’t the ingredients in the shot instead of strengthening my bones will have the opposite effect.  Mostly, I don’t think about cancer on a daily basis.  But days like yesterday bring me back to the reality of my life. 
I wasn’t feeling well when I got to the Dr.’s office.  I didn’t want to reschedule my shot so I went.  The regular nurse who takes care of me was on vacation.  The lady who was there was very sweet and I know did her best.  Because I wasn’t feeling well in the first place is the reason I had a bad reaction and I need to remember that for my next visit.
She tried taking blood the first time and had to move the needle around trying to find a vein.  It really didn’t hurt but I guess because I wasn’t feeling well, I started getting nauseous and feeling very much like I was going to pass out.  She removed the needle and I told her, “I really don’t feel well.”  She said she was going to get someone else to do it and gave me a few minutes to feel better. 
After waiting a bit she asked if she could try using the veins in my hand.  The other girl was busy trying to get 3 different IV’s started and would be a while.  I told her to go ahead and thankfully it worked.  She finished and gave me my shot and let me go.  I told Corey what happened and she said she couldn’t pick me up if I passed out.  I let her know that feeling had thankfully passed  - but I did stumble in the parking lot.  I almost started crying because it was one of those days when cancer is very real and very much in control and I couldn’t ignore it like I normally do.
I went home and slept a few hours and I’d like to say it helped but I just didn’t feel that great the rest of the day.   I’ve read about other women taking this shot and not having side effects.  It always seems like everything hurts worse after I get it.  Every place I’ve fractured since this happened and every place they’ve said tumors exist just aches more than usual and I get a really upset stomach.  

Today, I feel better, thankfully. 


Linda Fowlkes said...

So appreciate your transparency about your life and your journey with cancer. I know there must times when it feels like the cancer is winning, but it hasn't, my friend, because you are still here. You are still so full of life and being creative in your art and photography...and loving the people God has placed in your life. I admire you so much. Please know that if there is anything I can do, you only have to let me know--transportation, a visit, you name it, and I will do my best. I loved your photos and they made me smile--especially your Dancing Strangers!

Praveen RS said...

I love these photos very much, thanks for sharing this

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