One of the best birthday presents ever!

The day after my birthday, Corey and Jesse
told me they were taking me somewhere.  
In the car, they told me that it was an intervention.
They think I need to dress more flattering and they
wanted me to have something nice to wear when
I go visit Terry, Donna, Christopher, David, Eric, Sarah, and 
new baby Michaela. (So excited!!)
Since I already had a gift card to Macy's they decided to 
go there.  I had sooooo much fun.  I've never
tried on soooo many clothes.  I did get really tired and
too many hot flashes (medication) I had to take a break.
The clothes were all so nice and they were having
a fantastic sale plus an additional 20% off everything.
 Corey also told me I needed to get fitted for
a new bra.  I really didn't think that was necessary but
did it anyway.  I got one the size the lady told me,  
spent a little more than I normally would,
and found out that bras aren't supposed to be uncomfortable.
Who knew?  All these years I've been suffering
with yucky uncomfortable bras.  Thank you, Corey
and Jesse!  So much fun and so happy with everything
you two picked for me!!  Love you both!!

 I would never have thought of even
trying on this dress but it's one of my
favorite things.

 I never would have tried these either because
they are like jeggings but they are so

And - I absolutely would never 
have tried this skirt, which goes with the
sweater above but it's cute and I love the
texture.  This photo shows the color
 and this shows the texture
 this is a maxi dress I picked out
on my own a few weeks back,
another great sale from Lands End.
I'm really happy with it too.

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Susan Shull said...

How fun! It is so easy to get into a style rut, isn't it? A few years ago I subscribed to the missussmartypants newsletter and that kick started me back into having fun with clothes. I don't subscribe any more, but I did learn a lot! Have fun wearing your new clothes! Thanks for including the link to my post on Ruth!