Yesterday, the Greers came over for a visit.
It was all made possible by Jacob who had
been telling his mom he wanted to take a deer
meat sandwich to school for lunch.  She posted
this on facebook so I told her to come over and
get some.  Chuck's friend Nick from work who's 
a hunter had given us some a while back.

When Jacob saw I had an art room he wanted to
create something.  This is Jacob and Brooke Allison
hard at work.  If you look to the left in the photo
you can see the blur of Noah who is constantly in motion.
 Brandy with the little Artists
 Little Miss Brooke Allison
 Brandy and Noah
 Noah decided he wanted to try to draw something.

 I think he got most of it on his hands.                    

       Jacob wanted to make a copy of my painting           
I think he did a great job!

 Brooke Allison making hearts.  She gave me one and
later I found one she gave Chuck in his pocket.  Sweet!

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