Create for the day:
All things you can't see.
I helped a friend write a letter for an application to a school for her daughters.
I met with another artist and again did planning for future art projects.
I drew Corey's cat and wrote some witty things (on our kitchen white board) for Chuck to reply even more wittily to
(cause he's just better and quicker at that than I am)
and yes I checked the spelling of "wittily"
and of course I did my regular 9 to 5 which is actually 6 - 9:30 and 1:00 - 4:45, which requires
a lot of creative thinking when dealing with that many kids.
My littlest, age 4, I usually have to be alone with for a little bit so I sing to her and she repeats. She's
a super cutie!
Anyway I think that all fits the "being creative for the day" thing.

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