Poor neglected blog.

It's Saturday and Chuck is working again. He woke me up at 5:45, "Vickie, Vickie, I thought you wanted to get up." Me, "No, why would you think that? Leave me alone!" pillow over my head.
"Vickie, what did you do with the dogs last night?"
My toe goes over the edge of the bed and cold dog nose makes me jump. "I don't remember, leave me alone!"
Chuck, "What I don't get any coffee?"
"Fine!" So I'm up on my day off and now can't go back to sleep.
I've ordered pictures and blogging but I can't remember passwords this early to some of the stuff I wanted to get to. Anyhooooo....
Last weekend I got productive and made two loaves of homemade bread, chicken enchiladas and corny corn muffins. The bread was almost no knead bread from Americas Test Kitchens. Some of the best bread I've ever made. That's saying alot!

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Corey said...

it was delicious. Jill and Kelly agreed :)