what a week

Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's. Terry and Donna and the boyscame home, yay!! Eric in the front, Donna, Christopher, Brian, David or Kevin (I can't tell)
and Terry. Eric is like 6' 7" not sure just guessing. Stuart, Patsy and Eric's head.
Trish and Patsy

David, Christopher and Kevin sleeping

Corey, Jesse and Trish

Christopher, Brian, Terry Kevin and David's back

Mom and Heidi playing dueling cameras. It seems to be a
family favorite game.
Corey, Donna and TrishJesse, Me, Corey and TrishChuck in his camaro, bye bye CamaroHe took Ter for a ride, tried to scare him but I guess since
he's a pilot not much scares him.Yesterday Chuck and I went to look at cars and came home to
a nicely decorated house. Thank you Jesse and Chris!!!

This has been quite a week. Chuck took the week off with me but ended up
getting sick starting on our 1st night off. We did go to a movie, mom and dad's for
thanksgiving, the international car show, shopping at Kohl's and Tricia's garage
sale on black friday, car shopping on Saturday (bye camaro we will miss you<>
after all that I've been up since 4:30, wow.


Corey said...

you bought a car?

Vickie said...