My Baby

Corey called me from work and said she quit. Yeah, I hated her working there. I asked her what she was going to do next and she said, "go to church Sunday, I haven't been in forever." This is so true. I wish she would play piano at church. She could do it and do it well. It is what she's going to school for.
I had an interview Tuesday and I hope I get the job. My health insurance costs have gone up again and I can no longer afford to have it solo. I know the job would not be easy but I've learned a lot since the last one and with God's help believe I can do it. The benefits are good and lots of off time. Plus its a lot closer to home.
I would miss the people where I work now but I'm only there between 4 to 7 hours a week. Thats just not enough.
Jesse called she wants to work at the youth camps longer than June but she'll lose her job if she does, so I say no. Will she listen?

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